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This is an image journal of artistic places I have traveled to, places I have dwelt in for awhile and places I will always come back to. All my work is an expression of the joy and the beauty I see all around me. These expressions manifest in many forms, painting, drawing, photography, writing, fiber arts, landscaping & many other forms of art & design, especially in wood.
While my main inspiration has always been the natural world, it also wanders into the world childhood wonder and the sense of awe that I found then and still find now.
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Cliff Lake Water Lily painting

Wild Water Lily Cliff Lakes
Oil on Canvas

20" x 20"

I am working in the kitchen area now where the wood stove is for warmth
I am starting to put a second layer of paint on the plant, that is oils.

 This is my second painting session.


All images and files property of Lucinda C. Macy 
and may not be used without permission . 2019

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