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This is an image journal of artistic places I have traveled to, places I have dwelt in for awhile and places I will always come back to. All my work is an expression of the joy and the beauty I see all around me. These expressions manifest in many forms, painting, drawing, photography, writing, fiber arts, landscaping & many other forms of art & design, especially in wood.
While my main inspiration has always been the natural world, it also wanders into the world childhood wonder and the sense of awe that I found then and still find now.
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Cormorant painting project

 Cormorant Painting

Inspired by a photo taken by Jan Arendtz at Elkhorn Slough(near Moss Landing)
He lives in the Bay area and had his work on Flickr.

Oil on Canvas
4' x 3"

 I am Finishing head details on right cormorant

details on left cormorant

  while doing big projects like the Cormmorants,  I like to have a little something     to work on the side for a change...like the dog!

All images and files property of Lucinda C. Macy 
and may not be used without permission . 2019

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