An Artist by Nature

This is an image journal of artistic places I have traveled to, places I have dwelt in for awhile and places I will always come back to. All my work is an expression of the joy and the beauty I see all around me. These expressions manifest in many forms, painting, drawing, photography, writing, fiber arts, landscaping & many other forms of art & design, especially in wood.
While my main inspiration has always been the natural world, it also wanders into the world childhood wonder and the sense of awe that I found then and still find now.
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Large Map Commission started

This is a computer mock-up I have just  finished for a 

4'  x 6'  wooden Painting on Baltic Birch


The final work will have more specimens, plant life, birds etc and will have some labeling and number keys for locations etc.

Crow Quill pen drawing of my Lady Slipper orchid.

 I drew my Lady Slipper orchid this Autumn with a crow quill pen~ And have
colored it with Prisma pencils. This portrait was inspired by the its early, extra large bloom and I fully desired to pay homage to it's beauty!

Painting "Young Dogwood Blossoms"

Dogwood blossom update!
Getting back to the studio to work on this~ looking forward to Winter for lots of indoor painting time

On the right is my photo I took last early Spring of a bouquet of young dogwood blossoms.  On the left is my acrylic under painting and now I am starting to paint over it with oils

 In the studio

Revisiting Cliff Lake Water Lily !

Adding a little Extra to Cliff Lake Water Lily

I did the original painting some time ago and was happy with the water lily, but was always feeling I wanted to add something more but was unsure what. I decided to enter the painting into a gallery show and revisited my thoughts about "finishing it" with another detail. It finally came to me that what it needed was a toad under water!  I am very fond of toads and have a lot of pictures, so it was not hard for me find one. So now my garden toad, Stella, is forever recorded in history:-).  Stella is a native toad and the same kind that are in the local lakes.

Cormorant painting project

 Cormorant Painting

Inspired by a photo taken by Jan Arendtz at Elkhorn Slough(near Moss Landing)
He lives in the Bay area and had his work on Flickr.

Oil on Canvas
4' x 3"

 I am Finishing head details on right cormorant

details on left cormorant

  while doing big projects like the Cormorants,  I like to have a little something     to work on the side for a change...like the dog!

All images and files property of Lucinda C. Macy 
and may not be used without permission . 2019

Snowy Owl

Finished Snowy Owl painting
Oil on canvas 18" x 20"

All images and files property of Lucinda C. Macy and may not be used without
permission . 2019

Homage to Abretch Durer, 16th century artist

"Homage to Albretch Durer's Cowslip" 15o4

My version is oil on canvas, 14" x 14"

Dining table work space

Local holiday show, selling prints of this painting

All images and files property of Lucinda C. Macy
 and may not be used without permission. 2019

Painting Lindsay's Oriental Lily

"Lindsays Lily Shadow"
oil on canvas 36" x 28"

A painting inspired by a beautiful photo by Lindsay Budner

Here I am working on the stems. I am close to being finished. I love the larger size and would like to paint even bigger.

Painting gets started, acrylic undercoat.

Cliff Lake Water Lily painting

Wild Water Lily Cliff Lakes
Oil on Canvas

20" x 20"

I am working in the kitchen area now where the wood stove is for warmth
I am starting to put a second layer of paint on the plant, that is oils.

 This is my second painting session.


All images and files property of Lucinda C. Macy 
and may not be used without permission . 2019

Spanky on the Wicker Chair

This painting is from a photo I took of my dog in the living room.
Noah in the background~

Oil on Canvas 
20" x 24"

The early stage of the painting

In 2015 I began Oil Painting, something I always wanted to do.

This is a fox painting inspired by Bruno Liljifors, who painted in the early 1900's
This is a small piece which depicts native American stones I found in the river
and a landscape of the river area

Chert Handtools and Atlatl foreshaft

First painting

Nightly water color post cards

It has become a project of mine to do a nightly post card sized water color. I have tried this before and it is hard to continue until it becomes a real habit....so trying again. This is my way of fitting in artwork when there never seems time do so as I run my regular business with my Etsy shop. I will just add these as I go along.

This is my pet garden toad Stella, who lived in a lovely large pond I had made in the yard

This is a Spanish Luna Moth. I was not so pleased with the background and will no doubt try this again. The luna moths are all exquisitely beautiful  


This is a little broccoli Sprite I made, thinking in terms of doing a set of vegetable sprites


This recently finished piece is acrylic on canvas, done at the request of a client. It is 20" x 24"